Carli 3.5" Commuter System Ford 17-19 F250/350 Diesel 2.5" / 20+ F250/350 Diesel 3.5"

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Product Overview

Base Kit

Lift Height Note: 2020 Super Duties were lowered 1” from the factory when comparing to the 2017-19. Further, the Tremor Package is a factory 2” lift on the 20-22 platform putting them 1” taller than the 17-19. As these all START at different heights yet utilize the same lifts, the stated lift height is different. They’ll all end up measuring the same with the lift installed!

SKU: CS-FLVL-COM-CS-17 - Ford Leveling Commuter System

3.5" Lift - 2020+ F250/350 4x4 Diesel, Base Kit
2.5" Lift - 2017-19 F250/350 4x4 Diesel, Base Kit

Base Kit Includes:

CS-FLC-05    Front Leveling Coils
AS-FLVLSPKG-CS20IFP-A    Carli SPEC 2.0" IFP Shocks, Front and Rear
CS-FORDBBL-LVL-17-F    Front Brake Lines
CS-FCASTERSHIM-25    2° Caster Shims
CS-FBDF-25-17    High Clearance Bump Stop Drops, Front
CS-FATB-17    Track Bar


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