Auxbeam 6-Gang LED Switch Panel Off Road Light Controller (Blue Switches)

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6/8 Gang Switch Panel

Multi-position installation and wide application. with different brackets, it can be installed in any position you like.
Universal 6/8 switch panel relay system. power up to 6/8 lights & accessories from one convenient place.
Customize your own panel, with universal switch stickers, you can customize your unique personal switch panel according to certain needs.
All in one design for your ultimate convenience. This kit has everything you need for installation and use. No need to buy extra parts.
Automatic Dimmable Backlight for Driving Safer. On the road or other bright places, the switch panel will be brighter, so you can see it clearly. In the tunnel or other dark places, the switch panel will be dim, reduce the impact on the driver's vision.

3.94FT Inch Extension Cable
There is a 4-pin aviation video cable, a cable for transmitting video and power.
It is widely used in truck / Trailer/Bus / Motorhome / long-distance Parking Aid, and connected with vehicle monitoring CCTV system.
Compatible products: professional CCTV / monitor 4-pin connector monitor, rearview camera, DVD player TV box.
Power input DC 12V - DC 24V.
Specially thick hard wire 100% provides super protection against EMI interference and RF interference such as automotive circuit interference.

20FT Inch Extension Cable

Auxbeam Extension Cable. This 20-feet, 4-pin wiring harness extension features a Play and Plug design, allowing for effortless installation of extension wires. With ample length, it provides sufficient reach to extend your wiring harness to the desired location for installation of the controller box
Premium Made. Auxbeam switch panel extension boasts an especially thick hard wire, which not only enhances its strength and longevity, but also provides superior protection against EMI and RF interference, including automotive circuit interference
Wide Application. The Auxbeam cable extension has a broad range of applications and can be utilized to extend control over any vehicle electrical appliance for your modification needs. This includes, but is not limited to UTVs, trucks, trailers, buses, motorhomes, and long-distance parking aid sectors
No Splicing. This extender eliminates the need for splicing of new wires, as it allows for easy extension of existing wires. It is compatible with power input ranging from DC 12V to DC 24V, and features a professional CCTV/monitor 4-pin connector that can be used to connect a rearview camera, DVD player, TV box, or other similar devices

120 Universal Stickers

120 Universal Stickers works with QP010033(AR-820), QP008526(AR-800), QP009818(RA80X2), QP002559(BA80), QP002983(GA80), QP006231(GB80), QP006232(BB80), QP006237(BC60), QP006238(GC60)

Packing Included:
1 x 6/8 Gang Switch Panel Set
1 x Extension Cable (OPTIONAL)
1 x 120 Universal Stickers(OPTIONAL)
1 x Waterproof Silicone Cover(OPTIONAL)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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